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As a teenager or young adult, it is important to be aware of the positive and negative relationships you develop. We hope you find this information useful.

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What is a healthy relationship?    View PDF
What is an abusive relationship?    
How can I create healthy relationships?    
Sexual Violence

What is sexual assault?    
What is date/acquaintance rape?    
What is consent?     
What is Not Consent    
What are the laws around consent?    
What can I do if I have been sexually assaulted?    
How can I prevent sexual assault?    
Cyber Safety

What are some of the safety issues in using social media?    View PDF
cybersafe girls    View PDF

Gender and Diversity

What is Diversity?    
What is Gender?    

We're looking for new Board members
If you are interested in helping the Centre in its mission to support survivors of sexual assault and abuse,  and to work towards eliminating sexual violence in our community, call Sigrid Rolfe at 902-566-1864.
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Unfounded - an investigation into how police services handle allegations of sexual assault
Read about the 20 month investigation done by reporters at the Globe and Mail
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We are pleased to announce that we have expanded our reach to include a Facebook Page!!
We hope that the page will be another way for the Centre to engage with the public in promoting awareness of sexual violence and resources for healing and prevention.
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Wait List
We currently have a wait list for counselling sessions addressing historical sexual abuse and/or past sexual assault. If you have experienced a sexual assault recently, however, you will not have to wait, and we will see you as soon as possible. 

The length of the wait list varies, and it is not possible to predict accurately how long the wait might be. We know it takes courage to ask for help, and it can feel discouraging to be asked to wait. While waiting, we encourage anyone seeking more immediate support to check out other resources that might be available, such as an E.A.P. or personal benefit program.  

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Supporting An Adult Survivor of Sexual Assault in PEI
Download this poster View PDF
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Men Matter: Group Programs for Male Survivors
A free service for men who are on a journey of recovery from sexual abuse. 
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