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Educational Resources
Following is a series of documents on subjects related to the mandate and work of the Prince Edward Island Rape and Sexual Assault Centre. Information on a wide variety of topics can be found here. Please check back often as new resources will be added.

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On Line Survey about Sexual Assault Results    View PDF
Endless    View PDF
A poem written by a survivor of sexual abuse
Survivor's Media Guide    View PDF
Publication (Counter Quo) to assist survivors preparing to speak publicly about their experiences
What Happens Now    View PDF
A booklet to help children who have been sexually abused. Produced by the PEI Child Sexual Abuse Advisory Committee
What Happens Now    View PDF
A booklet for families of children who have been sexually abuse. Produced by the PEI Child Sexual Abuse Advisory Committee.
Enhancing Services for Male Survivors of Sexual Trauma in PEI.     View PDF
The final report of the PEIRSAC project which sought to gain a better understanding of the support needs for male survivors and to identify a program model that would best address those needs. September, 2013
Why Sexual Abuse of Children Occurs    View PDF
Discussion of how children are vulnerable to sexual abuse and why it is often difficult to disclose
Sexual Assault Laws    View PDF
Canadian laws about sexual assault
Canadian survey on sexual assault    View PDF
Summary of data from the general social survey and police in 2004
Sexual Assault and Consent    View PDF
Discussion about what is consent
Laws around Consent    View PDF
Canadian laws around age of consent
Myths About Sexual Assault    View PDF
Discussion of the common misconceptions about sexual assault
Date/Acquaintance Rape    View PDF
Brief description of "date" or "acquaintance" rape and what is consent
Date Rape Drugs    View PDF
What they are and how to keep yourself safe
Male Survivors of Sexual Assault    View PDF
Describes some of the impacts of sexual abuse on male survivors
For men who have experienced sexual assault    View PDF
Adapted from information from the Mens' Project
After a sexual assault    View PDF
Common reactions of victims of sexual assault
Our Services for Survivors of Sexual Assault    View PDF
Information from our brochure
Child Sexual Abuse    View PDF
What is child sexual abuse and its impacts on survivors
Abuse Related Trauma    View PDF
Describes abuse related or complex trauma, and the traumagenics model that helps in understanding the impacts 
The Brain and Memory of Trauma    View PDF    View Diagram
Some of the neur-obiological impacts of trauma
Trauma Therapy    View PDF
The three stages of trauma informed therapy
Male Survivors    View PDF
From the Mens' Project
Our Services for Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse    View PDF
Our brochure 
Sexual Harassment    View PDF
Defines and gives examples of what constitutes sexual harassment
Healthy and Unhealthy Relationships    View PDF
Characteristics that identify healthy and unhealthy relationships
Things Men Should Know About Sex and Dating    View PDF
Information for dating partners about consent
Grounding Techniques    View PDF
Techniques to help manage overwhelming feelings and anxiety and stay rooted in the here and now.
For Friends and Family of Sexual Abuse Survivors    View PDF
Information that may help friends and family understand the impacts of abuse and how best to support their friend or family member
A Message for Health Care Providers Concerning Survivors of Sexual Abuse/Assault    View PDF
How best to provide sensitive, respectful care for a survivor of sexual violence
Recommended Reading    View PDF


PEIRSAC Services during COVID19
Counsellors and staff are working from home. If you are a client please connect with your counsellor via email or phone to talk about options for service. The Counselling Request Line 888-368-8055 is still taking calls and all other inquiries should be directed to the main number 902-566-1864.
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PEIRSAC Annual Report 2019
View PDF
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PEIRSAC on Facebook
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Men Matter: Group Programs for Male Survivors
A free service for men who are on a journey of recovery from sexual abuse.
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Wait List
We currently have a wait list for counselling sessions addressing historical sexual abuse and/or past sexual assault. If you have experienced a sexual assault recently, however, you will not have to wait, and we will see you as soon as possible.
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Unfounded - an investigation into how police services handle allegations of sexual assault
Read about the 20 month investigation done by reporters at the Globe and Mail
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Supporting An Adult Survivor of Sexual Assault in PEI
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